On the Wings of Spring: Confections of Pink and Lavender

And, by a most secret method, he can make lovely blue birds' eggs with black spots on them, and when you put one of these in your mouth, it gradually gets smaller and smaller until suddenly there is nothing left except a tiny little pink sugary baby bird sitting on the tip of your tongue.

--From Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl

Thinking about what to create for my swap-partners for the little birdie swap, I was inspired by the above quote by Roald Dahl from his book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I asked myself, “What would a bird look like if she were created by a master-confectioner?” I also tried to imagine what kind of bird would lay a magical egg which would hatch a pink, sugary baby bird. So, I created magical mama-birds. They lays  lovely blue eggs (with black spots on them), and from their eggs hatch little pink sugary baby birds…
I started with a sketch and a sample pattern...

Then stitched up a little birdie and added some feathers. Note: If you want to give this a try for yourself, please take my word for it, do NOT bother attempting to sew on feathers... what a mess. Go right for your bottle of Aleene's Tacky Glue and don't give it another thought.

And after stitching up one little birdie, I made another...

Here they are together...
Sugary, pink, delectable confections...

Wishing you endless sugary pink delight!


  1. They are delightful. Delightfully sweet. cheers Marie

  2. Beautiful!! Confections, indeed! Loved your comment on my space...my son was always bleeding from the mouth as a baby...his front teeth came in like Chiclets, and he was always banging them into chairs, etc.
    Recognised some of your little peg people at Maureen's yesterday...love this blogging community!

  3. These birds are so beautiful! I would love to see a tutorial on them, my daughter keeps begging me for one (or 50!) lol

  4. Yes. Confection - I was going to say "indeed," but Knitty Gritty beat me to it. She often does.


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