Happy Totoro to You!

For the past year (and a half) I've been wanting to give my Little Mr. Bloom a DVD of the film Totoro as a gift, but wanted to make him his own stuffed Totoro first.  FINALLY, I have made him his own Totoro!  It's eyes are a bit wonky, but he loves it.

If you are not familiar with the movie Totoro by the director Hiyao Miyazaki, here's a trailer so you can have a peek. I think it's one of the most delightful films ever made for children...  Meditative and magical...

A photo of my sleep rumpled birthday-boy opening his pile of gifts... I kept asking him whether he would be wearing his "birthday-suit" to school yesterday, it being his birthday and all. He did not think this was funny in the least (not the first time I asked him and not the fifth time I asked!)  I thought it was hilarious...


  1. Lovely plushie! I've been wanting to get one of those candle holders for the boys, too. Maybe this year I'll actually do it (along with all those other birthday plans that are forever in the making!)

    ps. thanks for the sweet and lovely package! It was such a delight. The boys warbled and tweeted for more than half an hour before the younger wandered off. The Elf would have happily warbled all day if the Beast hadn't been napping. (:

  2. How cute! I love Miyazki films and am looking forward to sharing them with my wee one too. I just ordered Spirited Away last week.

  3. Happy Birthday to your Little Mr. Bloom!

    I've never heard of this movie, but if the wonderful music on the trailer is any indication, I'll be wanting to see it :)

    p.s., I thought your birthday suit joke was funny too ;)

  4. We love! Totoro and the blue one is DS's favorite. When he was younger he'd sniffle and fuss when it disappeared. so cute. Hope your son loves it as much as we do...especially his beautiful mama-made treat!

  5. Cute Totoro! My daughter and I LOVE Totoro. We also watch Ponyo a lot too. Such fun!

  6. Love that photo of him all tousley and smiley. Sweet boy!! My children adore a video called "Little Grey Rabbit"...it is absolutely the gentlest, most charming thing you've ever set eyes on. It's OLD (written in the 1920s) and I'm always searching for anything related...but have been thinking about sewing my own toys to go with it. Your totoro is lovely!

  7. Dear Stephanie --

    We had an ambitious outing with friends today (a children's park with a wild animal rehabilitation zoo, a carousel, a puppet theater, etc... Totoro was our constant companion!

    I shall look up Little Grey Rabbit...


  8. Your Totoro is fabulous... only half as fabulous as the boy you made tho! see how crafty you are? you can make people!
    Birthing day blessings to you both...hope you ate a piece of cake for me? xx

  9. Little Grey Rabbit books were by Alison Uttley - beautiful illustrations and stories. I didn't know there was a video. We don't really watch any TV but the odd movie treat for a rainy day is very special, especially if it's one of these classic oldies or something beautiful like Totoro. I loved seeing my children get excited about their movie treat this holidays.... so good for TV not to be an everyday thing!

  10. That Totoro is so adorable!!! It has been made very well...such craft skills you have!!


  11. Funny. I made Chaz a tiny totoro a few months ago. I made him in half an hour and was very pleased with myself. More to the point, Chaz was pleased - probably almost as pleased as your Bloom.


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