Happy Birthday Baby Boy

In heaven shone a golden star.
An angel led you from afar.
From heaven high unto the earth,
And bought you to your place of birth.

Oh, welcome, welcome lovely day,
With sunshine bright and flowers gay.
With painted birds that sing their song,
And make you kind and good and strong.

 We waited many years for you.  From the moment we set eyes on you and you were laid in our arms, we knew we were complete...
Round, blue eyes, a baby full of curiosity, laughter and mischief, topped by a wee noggin of fine, wish-flower down.

You delight us.  You complete us...
 Happy Birthday dear little one!


  1. Happy birthday to your fair haired boy and happy wishes for you all x

  2. Oh I've gone all gooey! Happiest birthday to your tiny Bloom and may you celebrate many, many more together. x

  3. What a lovely poem. And Happy Birthday to your little one as well! What a beautiful family you are!


  4. Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy and Happy Birth Day, Mama!

  5. Happy birthday little Bloom! And happy birthday lovely Mama! (:


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