Goodnight little house, And goodnight mouse

When my Little Mr. was small, our readings of Goodnight Moon were accompanied by a little brown mouse finger-puppet.  This little mouse helped us find the tiny mouse hidden in the illustrations, cheered our success at finding the little mouse, gave kisses to the little mouse and also gave enthusiastic kisses to Little Mr.

The comments everyone left on my post from Monday about the books of Margaret Wise Brown were  delightful and so today I was inspired.  My inspiration was thus: I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be nice if we had a little grey mouse puppet to exactly match the mouse in the book and accompany our readings?"  And so, while my Wee Bloom had a little morning sleep, I hopped on over here to visit my friend Shannon at her blog Rhythm & Rhyme.  Shannon has a "Seriously Cute Mouse Tutorial" and, clever mama that she is, she has even provided a pattern you can print out for those "seriously cute" mice!

My Wee Bloom slept long enough for me to get everything cut out (note: I extended the length of the body of the mouse 3/4 of an inch and didn't bother cutting out a base since I planned to leave the bottom of the mouse open to serve at a puppet.) My wee fellow sat on the floor playing with a set of measuring cups... just long enough for me to get everything stitched up (but not long enough for me to add whiskers.) He stood at my knee, gazing imploringly...

 And so we took that little mousie for a test-drive!

Goodnight kittens
And goodnight mittens
Goodnight clocks
And goodnight socks
Goodnight little house
And goodnight mouse


  1. Ah I love that you are extending the usefulness of that seriously cute mouse into finger puppet status...most fabulous idea.
    What a ruby ripe tomato pincushion you have there; I might have to make you a possum to eat it! (except that wee worm is already at it)x

  2. Cute cute cute, off to see what felt I have around the house now! Thankyou! :)

  3. Oh, this book will bring tears to my eyes when my children are grown: remembering the first time they each joined in with "an old woman whispering HUSHHHH", correcting me when I get the words wrong ("In the great yellow room..." NOOO It's green!) This is so sweet! Off to print the pattern for my own wee ones. Thanks!

  4. Adorable! I just pinned that mouse on Pinterest to make soon!


  5. Seriously cute! We love that book.

  6. that is more than seriously cute! this happens to be my 2 year old's fave book right now...perhaps we can whip a few of these up for her!

  7. Ohh so sweet! I love that mouse :)

  8. It's not a popular or well known book here in England but we absolutely love it! Our book is well worn and we know the whole thing off by heart. Never thought to make a mouse, how brilliant! A bowl full of mush would be fun to make!


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