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dolls & photo :: mother goose online

Every so often, I get a request for some sort of tutorial, and a while back I received an email asking about making peg doll families.  With many children off school for another week & parents looking for fun activities to do together, I thought it might be a good time to write about this project.

dolls & photo :: make it your own

I've posted photos and several of these are linked to tutorials on other blogs, however, here is my own quick summary:

1) Gather a selection of peg dolls which correspond roughly to the sizes of your various family members (small pegs for children, taller ones for the parents.)

2) Paint hair & eye colors to match those of your family members.

3) What does everyone like to wear?  Do the children in your family like to wear super hero capes?  Does your husband always wear blue jeans? Perhaps he has a mustache & beard? Does anyone in the family wear glasses? (glasses can be drawn on peg dolls with a sharp pencil). Do you like to wear a tiara while folding the laundry? Add decorations accordingly.

And that's it!

dolls & photo :: the green dragon fly

dolls & photo :: pink & green mama

dolls & photo :: my poppet

dolls & photo :: tea & biscuits with k.d.

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