mice are nice

I've been busy stitching tiny mice.  They look really sweet in grey with pink ears...

And they are lots of fun in assorted colors, too.

I used a pattern from this book, and packed up mice for gift-giving with copies of my favorite mouse-related books: Tumtum & Nutmeg by Emily Bearn, The Mousewife by Rumer Godden and Mouse Tales by Arnold Lobel.

I made an adjustment to the pattern and added a bit of extra fabric to the base, so these tiny pocket-friends are also finger puppets.

 Someone around here is fond of this blue one. This mouse will be staying at our house...


  1. Again thank you for all the wonderful ideas you share here on your blog. They are thoughtful and always a delight.

  2. Oh, this is so sweet! Lovely little nibblers!


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