tiny house swap

On January 30th I stumbled across the final call to join a "tiny house swap" at Smooth Pebble Studio.

The mandate was to "Create a set of tiny houses, minimum of 3. Either 3 separate houses, or a piece that contains at least 3 houses. They can be anywhere between 1 inch & 3 feet in size." And participants could use any medium of their choice: paper, wood, clay, fabric, metal, etc...

So I created a "night-time village" pincushion.

I hope the intended recipient of the pincushion likes it as much my little "photo-shoot interloper" does (and he likes it very much!)  The woman I've sent it to is a quilter named Ellen.  As a quilter, I expect a sturdy pincushion should come in handy...

And me, being... me... I couldn't come up with just one idea.  I had to come up with at least two ideas. And me, being me, once I come up with an idea, I cannot sit still until I follow through on the creative impulse.  So I also sent Ellen a tiny house mobile.

Thank you, Jacqueline, for organizing such a fun swap!


  1. I love them! The sweet floral cushion you made me is my constant companion. :)

  2. What a wonderful interpretation of the Tiny House Swap!! I adore what you came up with! Well done and so beautifully created. I'm so glad you had fun with this.

  3. Margaret..this is so special! Such a wonderful tiny house. I am showing my daughter this now for she is quite a little whiz with her stitching too. Lovely lovely work!

  4. I would have like this swap!
    I noticed you commented on an old blog of mine. Glad to have you visit. I tried to comment on your google + page but could not. Thanks for your kind comments.


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