This winter squash soup with curry and coconut was prepared from a recipe I found over here at Orangette.   I've made it three times over the course of three weeks because, yes, it's that good.  To round out the meal, we've been eating it with garlic naan and samosa's from Trader Joe's.  It's also wonderful served over rice (I throw a generous handful of cashews & raisins plus half a teaspoon of salt into the rice-pot while cooking.)

Note: I adapted the recipe by omitting the Sriracha and Vietnamese fish sauce -- the Sriracha does not suit the smaller taste buds in my house, and, even though I know it adds amazing flavor, I cannot get over the smell of the fish sauce.  Also, rather than squeezing lime into each individual bowl (as instructed by the recipe) I squeeze half a lime into the pot prior to serving.


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