Alice in Wonderland: Suzy Lee

cover of Alice in Wonderland by Suzy Lee

I had been trying for three years to get my hands on an edition of Alice in Wonderland by Suzy Lee and hit the jackpot recently when I found an Italian edition listed on Book Depository.

from Alice in Wonderland by Suzy Lee

I was intrigued by the concept of this wordless book, where Alice navigates her way through a toy-theater tableau, alternately chasing and being chased by the white rabbit.  The end has a funny surprise, where worlds within worlds are revealed (a sort of alternative "through the looking glass" world, if you will.) Suzy Lee, herself, describes it as a "dream within a dream..." You can read about her process of visualizing and creating the book here.

cover of Open this Little Book, by Jess Klaussmeier, illus. Suzy Lee

Besides enjoying Suzy Lee's Alice in Wonderland, we've generally been on a Suzy Lee kick.  I cannot tell you how many times my three-year-old has requested to read Open this Little Book (by Jesse Klaussmeier, illus. by Suzy Lee.) Now he knows it by heart and I love hearing him "read" it to himself...

cover of Wave by Suzy Lee

We also love this book, too!

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