Featured: Moomah Magazine

Guess what! My peg dolls have been featured in Moomah the Magazine!  Have you ever had a look at this beautiful online magazine?  It's full of craft projects, recipes, book reviews (for both mama & child), fun articles and features covering the work of inspirational non-profits (the non-profit currently highlighted is Milk & Bookies, which promotes literacy by providing books to children who do not have books of their own.)

dolls & photo by Amanda Pedro: By Hook & Thread

And how lovely to find that, among the collage samples of peg dolls are also images of dolls by the talented Amanda Pedro (her blog is By Hook & Thread)

dolls & photo by Clare (ACT, Australia)

And more dolls by my darling friend Clare who hails from Australia.

Thank you Moomah, for the lovely feature, and to everyone else... Happy reading! You can find the Moomah article here.

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