Double Take by Patrick Dougherty at the Palo Alto Art Center

Over the weekend we visited these magical fairy houses. Well... okay... they are actually an art installation by Patrick Dougherty at the Palo Alto Art Center.

My boys took one look at these huts of woven willow branches and took off running, weaving through tunnels and arches, in and out of doorways...  Laughing and hiding, jumping out to surprise each other, and running in and out of the doorways some more...

They were moving so quickly, I could hardly catch their photos!

The art piece is called Double Take and here is a YouTube video about its installation.

While we were at the art center, we were also lucky enough to get a glimpse of an exhibit called Cultural Kaleidoscope. This exhibit featured art created by local school children and was inspired by world cultures.  All the artwork by the children was lovely, but I, of course, was especially charmed by this colorful display of... clothes peg dolls!!


If you happen to be in the SF Bay Area Peninsula area, the Palo Alto Art Center is worth a visit. Patrick Dougherty's sculptures have been there for over two years, and the museum says the sculpture will remain until the willow branches begin to naturally decay...

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