Saturday night Mr. Bloom and I went to the ballet.  Not just any ballet... a new production of Cinderella co-produced by SF Ballet and The Dutch National Ballet.   It took a bit of arranging, but I managed to have a dear friend babysit my boys, and Oh! It was magnificent, I'm so glad we could go...

Maybe you also like ballet, or maybe you don't... but this ballet... There are not enough over the top adjectives to describe it. Stunning. Gorgeous.  It was perfect.  Classical ballet but also very modern, hilariously funny moments, serious and romantic in all the right places.  The story line melded Grimm's version of Cinderella with the Perrault version, and while there was no fairy godmother, there was a magic tree, sprung from the tears Cinderella shed over the grave of her mother.  Yes, perfect.

This review from Huffington Post was very nice and above you can see a trailer from the Dutch National Ballet.

Here is the choreographer speaking about the ballet. If you are fretting because the rest of the performances are sold out, fret no more.  SF Ballet will be performing it again next year (tickets are already available to subscribers.)

 Just for fun... one last video about the costumes.  Yes, perfect.



  1. I'm not a particular fan of ballet, but my! That trailer was just.. wow! I'm so very glad you were able to attend. (:

    1. Yes, "wow!" pretty much describes it. It was a truly classical ballet with a touch of modern, but not plodding and overly serious. Perhaps this is why it was so much fun to watch...


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