Peg Doll Swap Wrap Up: Butterflies & Blooms

dolls & photo by Margaret Bloom

Dearest Peg Doll Swap Participants, I want to thank all 21 of you for joining in the fun -- And I offer a special thank you to those who have made photos available so we can all have a peek at your delightful dolls! 

The dolls from this swap have been so innovative that I am excited be able to share them here on my blog.  In today's post we have the first batch of butterflies & blooms (you can see my own contribution in the photo above.)  Please come back tomorrow for a look at wee folk and magical critters.

doll & photo by Stephanie: Knitty Gritty Homestead

Stephanie of Knitty Gritty Homestead (Ontario, Canada) left me feeling a bit swoony over these tiny (remarkably eency weency) luna moth wings...

doll & photo by Stephanie: Knitty Gritty Homestead

And these monarch butterfly wings which Stephanie created are perfect in every detail.

dolls and photo by Anette Grostad

Anette Grostad (California, USA) created a beautiful mama rose & baby rose (don't you love mama's fashionable ruffled collar?)

dolls by Anette Grostad

And she also created a pair of delicate snowdrops (I am lucky to have this pair sitting on my mantlepiece... they are so very pretty!)

dolls by Painting Pixie

The very talented Painting Pixie (Colorado, USA) stitched these exquisite pixies for the swap.  The perfection & intricacy of her cherry blossom embroidery is a bit mind-boggling...

dolls & photo by Marcy: A Simple Life

And here we have Flora & Blossom, created by Marcy of the blog A Simple Life (NY, USA.) Their inspiring headgear is bold, stylish and perfect for spring, is it not?

dolls and photo by Kenda

Kenda (MO, USA) stitched up these pretty flower fairies based on patterns from Wee Folk Art.  The colors Kenda chose are so cheerful and her embroidery adds a nice touch.

photo & dolls by Sara: This Mom Loves

And the last dolls for today -- softly colored springtime gnomes embroidered with tulips (and mushrooms!) by Sara (WI, USA) of the blog This Mom Loves.

I hope you will come back tomorrow to see the rest of the gorgeous peg dolls from this swap!


  1. Seriously gorgeous! Pixie and Flora and Blossom would have to be my favourites!!

  2. They are all amazing! But I personally love the tulip doll by sara of this mom loves. Its even better in person!

    1. Thank you so much. Your sweet little doll has made it's way to my girls' doll house. They are in love.

  3. I particularly like the snowdrops but all are just beautiful indeed.

  4. I feel very proud to be among such talents artists. Thank you for hosting this doll swap. Crafting brings me joy.

  5. These are all so very lovely! Thank you for sharing them!

  6. Wow, these are all so amazing! Than you for sharing


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