A few weeks ago I decided my wee fellow might really enjoy baking bread.

 He was very excited about pouring the flour in the bowl and stirring...

He helped with the kneading and loved sprinkling more flour to keep the dough from sticking.

We halved this recipe here and used all unbleached white flour (we were out of whole wheat.)

Baking bread with him was an enormously fun (and messy) adventure.  The sad part was setting the dough to rise.  We placed it in a bowl, covered it with a "blanket" and said night-night.  However, despite my assurances that the dough needed to "sleep," my little one was not convinced.  Tears were shed, but during his afternoon sleep, I shaped, let rise (again), baked and cooled the bread. When we served it, my little one was very proud of his work.

Have you ever baked bread with your favorite toddler?  Are you planning to try?


  1. We love to make bread in preschool! We just made some with butter - it was delicious and now I don't buy bread anymore, baking is so much better!


  2. When i taught school i baked and cooked with my kiddos often. Great science, math and history lessons work with it. Now bake andcook with my grandchildren from early ages. They love it. Glad your little one had fun and learned the value of work and rewards for his efforts!!

  3. Hello dear friend! Love this post and have been enjoying a peruse around your blog this morning. I'm sorry I've been away for so long... I hope to have a few more minutes to visit now that busy 6 year old birthdays have past!

    P.S. I sent you an evite (to flying teapot address) for my 50th birthday celebration... have you received it? Would love to have you join!


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