A Guest Post at Twig & Toadstool

Starting today at Twig & Toadstool there will be a weekly Monday link-up party called All Spunk... No Junk. Along with the weekly link-up party, there will a featured guest-blogger, and guess who the guest blogger is this week?  Likely you've already figured that one out... it's me!!

So, please stop by Twig & Toadstool to have a peek at the tutorial for my Fields of Butterflies Picture Lantern (and don't forget to share what you've been doing this week by linking up...)



  1. These are so, so pretty! Thank you for sharing the tutorial with us.

  2. Hooray, Margaret! I love that you're getting some well-deserved love across the blog world! Beautiful project!

  3. Those are really, really beautiful. I shall go and have a peep immediately.


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