A Fairy House

After reading this post here my friend Christina Lane sent me an email.  Apparently, across the great wide world, minds and hearts connect.  While I was posting poetry about a little house, she was busy creating a most magical one from felt.  Inside her tiny house, there is a tiny little bed with a tiny little blanket, a tiny little larder and even a spot for a tiny little person to sit.  For more photos of this diminutive marvel, you can visit Christina at her blog here.

 Just for fun, once again, here is the inspirational poem:

By Elizabeth Godley

In a great big wood in a great big tree, 
There's the nicest little house that could possibly be.

There's a tiny little knocker on the tiny little door, 
And a tiny little carpet on the tiny little floor.

There's a tiny little table, and a tiny little bed, 
And a tiny little pillow for a tiny weeny head;

A tiny little blanket, and a tiny little sheet, 
And a tiny water bottle (hot) for tiny little feet.

A tiny little eiderdown; a tiny little chair; 
And a tiny little kettle for the owner (when he's there.)

In a tiny little larder there's a tiny thermos bottle 
For a tiny little greedy man who knows the Woods Of Pottle

There's a tiny little peg for a tiny little hat 
And a tiny little dog and a tiny little cat.

If you've got a little house 
And you keep it spic and span,
Perhaps there'll come to live in it 
A tiny little man. 
You may not ever see him, 
(He is extremely shy): 
But if you find a crumpled sheet -
Or pins upon the window seat -
Or see the marks of tiny feet -
You'll know the reason why.


  1. Besutiful - the house and the poem !

  2. What sweetness! It's easy to see how you make kindreds across the world. Happy fairy house to you!


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