The Little House

I've been keeping my eye on this little doorway nestled among the roots of a great pine tree in our back garden.  The little doorway is located very near where we "discovered" the pinecone gnomes, however this doorway is much too small for those particular gnomes.  During the colder months of the year, the doorway is nice and neat... a welcoming entryway into someones wintertime home, however in the summer I've noticed it all goes to wrack and ruin.  This morning I found an owl-pellet near the little doorway. so I dearly I hope whoever lives here will be very careful if they are planning  any nocturnal jaunts! 

This all makes me wonder who lives in such a little house among the roots of this tree... Don't you wonder, too?  It also makes me think of the following poem:

By Elizabeth Godley

In a great big wood in a great big tree, 
There's the nicest little house that could possibly be.

There's a tiny little knocker on the tiny little door, 
And a tiny little carpet on the tiny little floor.

There's a tiny little table, and a tiny little bed, 
And a tiny little pillow for a tiny weeny head;

A tiny little blanket, and a tiny little sheet, 
And a tiny water bottle (hot) for tiny little feet.

A tiny little eiderdown; a tiny little chair; 
And a tiny little kettle for the owner (when he's there.)

In a tiny little larder there's a tiny thermos bottle 
For a tiny little greedy man who knows the Woods Of Pottle

There's a tiny little peg for a tiny little hat 
And a tiny little dog and a tiny little cat.

If you've got a little house 
And you keep it spic and span,
Perhaps there'll come to live in it 
A tiny little man. 
You may not ever see him, 
(He is extremely shy): 
But if you find a crumpled sheet -
Or pins upon the window seat -
Or see the marks of tiny feet -
You'll know the reason why.


  1. Squee!! That's the sweetest!! Read it aloud to my whole family just now, and what a picture it creates in our minds!

  2. Oh, oh, what a perfect little doorway you've found! And such a very sweet poem. I haven't heard it before and am so glad to know it now :)

  3. Oh I love it, thank you for that little treasure. x

  4. I love it! Tiny doors make me so very happy. Reminds me a little bit of THE LITTLE FUR FAMILY, one of our all-time favorites. I think we have gone through three copies already - that's three copies chewed, gnawed on, loved on and fallen apart in six years of parenting. Hmmm.

  5. magical! i love wonders like these...

  6. I thought I'd commented on this one. But I guess I didn't. Now I'm too tired to think of words. I think there must be a small part of me that is relieved that there aren't really fairy doors and small footed creatures with opinions running around my house when I'm not looking.


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