At the start of September Shannon of the blog Rhythm & Rhyme launched a Lucky Pincushion Swap.

Just for fun, I thought I'd show you what I created for my swap-partners...

And here's the view from above.  I'm afraid they're not very practical pincushions -- with all the flowers and whatnot, there's not much room for pins -- but they were a lot of fun to design and create!

In return, from one of my swap-partners, I received this most diminutive of sea-scapes (thanks, Anna, for allowing me to use your perfect photo!)  The trees on the island, the whale and the darling boat are all attached to the tops of pins, and so, if one wishes, one can move them about.  Of course this pin cushion did not remain in my possession for long -- it was gently taken from my hands by my little Mr. B.  He sailed the tiny boat for a voyage to visit the whale and then safely moored at the island to collect provisions for the next adventure...

Thank you Anna, for a most perfect pincushion!

P.S.  Yikes!  Tomorrow is the last day to sign up for the Little Angel Swap.  If you're interested, have a look here for the details...


  1. What lovely treasures, just beautiful!

  2. You are so amazing. Your creations take my breath away. Trying not to get cold feet about the angel swap. Love the seascape you were gifted, too :-)

  3. what a great thing to be involved in.....if only I could fit it in...next time!!! They are beautiful ♥Jo

  4. Oh my, I fell in love with your boat/whale seascape. What a lovely gift to receive. I'd love to know about the next pin cushion swap! Your little peg doll pincushions are divine!! Amber (MamaMoontime)

  5. How lovely to see the twin of my beautiful flower fairy! Thanks again for such a wonderful swap.

  6. Great thanks to you too for my exquisite cushion thay you so kindly offered on The Rhythm of the Home blog's giveaway.

    Beautiful woman, please go here to read about it's story and why it took me so long to write this thankful post for you;


    May the angels protect you and sadness forget you,

    Love Katie xxx


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