A Fat Little Bat

A few weeks ago I spotted this project here on the Family Fun website.  Just give the string a pull and...

 Up go the little wings!

If you go to the Family Fun website, please note, I made a few changes to their pattern. They made their bat from craft foam while I used cardboard; and their bat is hanging upside down while mine hangs right-side-up (I know bats sleep upside down, but I don't believe they actually fly upside down!)  Also, I reduced their pattern by 64%. I wanted my bat to be small and cute... not big and scary.  Lastly, they stated this craft would take an hour, but I found that, once I'd gathered my supplies, it only took me 15 or 20 minutes to complete.  Putting this together was easy-peasy!

Doesn't he look cute hanging on the inside of our front door?

How are your Halloween decorations coming along?  Any favorite new projects?


  1. ohhh I love this!! i will be copying that!!
    Kimmy x

  2. If I were a child and found this on a door, I'd be absolutely fascinated. As it is, moving wings? Grown-up fascination too. What's wrong with us, Ms. Bloom Here that we never can be satisfied to use a pattern as it? Always tinkering!!

  3. What a fun little bat project- this would be a fun one to make!


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