Teddy Bear

We have a favorite teddy bear rhyme in our house. It goes like this:

Round & round the garden goes the teddy bear.
One step. two step, tickle you under there!

The actions for the rhyme are as follows: For the "round & round" part, you use your index finger to draw a circle round & round the palm of your child's hand. On the "one step, two step" part, you walk your fingers up the child's arm then give a soft stroke with your finger at the side of the child's neck.

However, these days in our house, we've been doing the actions for the rhyme a bit differently. "Round & round" goes in a circle around baby's belly button which leads to endless giggling and infectious baby laughter (most delightful, as you can imagine!)


  1. There was a bit... we have added round and round the haystack runs the little mouse, one jump, two jumps and into his little house (which ends up in someone's armpit!)

  2. Last night. Oh the giggling. The older two boys were in bed and the Beast is at *that* stage. We have a push-walker-thing. He joyfully pushes it across the room and then completely fails to figure out how to turn. We patiently turn him dozens of times, trying to teach him how. And then the giggles start. This little guy is turning into such a goofball. Everytime I made this.. puckering-but-not-really noise with my nouth, he'd dive into my face for an open-mouth (full of teeth!) kiss. And then giggle some more. Oh man, I love this age (and your bear and rhyme - I promise, it was related in my head!). (:

  3. Oooh, Shannon, I love the 2nd verse you've created... and Melissa, I knew exactly where you were going with that comment. The theme is giggling! And speaking of giggling, have you read "The Giggler Treatment" to your Elf (or Shannon, read it to Lily, for that matter?) Very rude, and very funny...


  4. This is a firm favourite in our home too :)

  5. Lots of giggles in our home tonight and rolling around on the floor. We also love the teddy bear rhyme..Your little bear is so sweet. Love Shannon's new verse..will have to try it out. x

  6. That is the sweetest little bear.

  7. Thanks! We love that one too. And...


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