A Pincushion of Possiblities

Skipping through blog-land one meets the most enchanting people. A few weeks ago I met Kristin (well, actually, Kristin found me because I had put out a call to find the originator of a wonderful wooden top craft I had pirated.) Poking around Kristin's blog Kleas, I discovered, not only are both our birthdays one day apart, but that Kristin makes the loveliest pincushions! For years I have been using the most practical & pedestrian of pin cushions, however Kristin has opened to me a world of pin cushion possibilities...

Her pin cushions bloom like gardens in so many colors...

And flowers grow right off her pincushions in three dimensions...

Her pincushions come to us from sparkling tide pools...

They are post-card memories of lands far away...

They grow magically in Cinderella's pumpkin patch...

And if you follow the yellow brick road, you may discover that, at the end of the rainbow, there's no place like home...

But my favorite of all is this handsome rooster and his most elegant plumage... Thank you, Kristin, for introducing me to a world of pincushion possibilities!

(Note: this post is dedicated to Shannon who showed me I could not only be "famous in my own pincushion," but I could dance on it, too!)


  1. Kristins pincushions are a work of art. The attention to detail amazing...love them

  2. i heart kristin so very much. her pincushions are pretty fab, too. ;)

  3. Those are THE most incredible pinchushions ever! And you have given me an exciting idea with that delightful hen pincushion on the bottom. Thank you for sharing the inspiration. Now, off to e-visit Kleas...

  4. you have me blushing from here to there. thank you for dedicating a full post to my pincushions i feel quite honored.

    so happy to have "met" you here Margaret!! xx

  5. Oh my! I'm feeling that the pincushion i have been making for you is far too boring and practical...I did have wild ideas - like a cactus and a potted violet but those ideas are still bouncing around in my head because i thought i'd send you on a nostalgic path.
    Oh well I'll lift my chin and get on with it, you are far too nice to be disappointed out loud. Fabulous post, yay for Kirsten and her nimble fingers and pretty pins.

  6. Stuff & nonsense Shannon! You, yourself have nimble fingers and I swear that I will adore any little thing you create. Besides, *anything* is better than my dreadful, old pin cushion... that boring old tomato made of nasty polyester felt. I like nostalgia.

    Am I really too nice to be disappointed out loud? Well... I was taught that if I cannot say something nice, I should say nothing at all. However, there is that little addendum... say nothing at all, except perhaps quietly, in the confidence of a trusted friend. (The occasional snide remark? Not me! Never! ha!)

  7. Seems we were taught by quite similar mothers. x


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