Southern Hemisphere Seasonal Exchange: Autumn

If you've been reading my blog long enough, you might remember that I participated in a southern hemisphere summer seasonal exchange last December. Southern hemisphere seasons are opposite northern hemisphere seasons and Katie has organized another swap, this time for autumn... Yes, while we, in the northern hemisphere, are reveling in the midst of spring, our friends in the southern hemisphere are enjoying the beauties of of autumn!

Last December I swapped with Nikki of Time 4 Craft at Toadstool House. I was again lucky to have an amazing swap-partner -- Christina of the blog Fruits of Heart. My son and I gasped in amazement when we opened the package and extracted treasure after treasure. First to come out of the box was this wee owl and his little nature-scape. What you cannot tell from this photo is that the owl is only 3 1/2 cm tall and perfect in every detail.

Here, viewed from above, you can get a hint of the silken tufts of grass, the tiny stitching on the veins of the leaves, the french knots to create the dots on the wee toadstool, the glittering glass beads in the centers of the flowers and the sparkling beads in the eyes of the owl... No photo (at least not one taken by me) can do justice to beauty and delicacy of Christina's work.

Next out of the box was this tiny pumpkin baby and 2 magnificent autumn leaves... Again, my skills at photography simply cannot do justice to this charming baby sprite... his knobby pumpkin-stem hat, his funny little expression and the sparkle in his eyes...

Thank you, Christina, for these marvelous treasures. Right now our new little friends are perched here on the window sill. They will take their place on my mantle piece, above the fireplace, come autumn... (And if you'd like to know more about Katie and any swaps she might organize in the future, you can contact her through her blog here.)


  1. those are breathtaking! what a lucky trade.

  2. What beautiful autumn items from Christina! Have you posted photos of the items you are sending? I'm so hooked on swaps!!

  3. wow, lucky you they look amazing

  4. incredibly gorgeous! what a lovely swap!

  5. Hi all -- Thanks for the comments... yes, I have been very lucky with my swap partners for the southern hemi. swaps!

    Rhonda -- you can see part of what I sent to Christina on my post from March 6th. Christina and I were absolutely in synch despite the fact that we had not been matched to swap at that point... we each made owls and little autumnal sprites. My sprite, however, did not make it into the photos posted on March 6th...



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