Visits from the Tooth Fairy

A Spell for Summoning Fairies

Sit where the cat sits. Cross your toes.
Close your eyes. And smell a rose.
Then say under your breath:
"I believe in Fairies, sure as death.

Gadflykins! Gladtrypins!
Gutterpuss and Cass!
Come to me fairily
Each lad and lass!"

(From Lady Cottingtons Pressed Fairy Book)

In addition to our wee Bloom getting his first teeth, our Little Mr. B. has been losing his baby teeth and getting a set of new ones. Hence, the tooth fairy has been a frequent visitor at our house. Up until now, this has been a perilous proposition for our dear local tooth fairy. She has had a choice, you see, of coming down the chimney (rather sooty) or using the cat door (perilous, indeed.)

So, I solicited the help of a marvelous and magical maker of fairy doors...

Nothing, however, gets past this cat. I'm afraid, the tooth fairy is still going to have to brave the dangers of our lurking kitty on her next visit (I suppose the spell for summoning fairies does, after all, say to, "Sit where the cat sits...")


  1. Love it. That door is magical. Aren't cats so funny?

  2. love that door sooooo much! Oh my goodness!

  3. Ha! you are delightful. I have coveted those little doors for ages now I have the perfect excuse... we have two cats, i might have to be sneaky in its placement.

  4. Those pictures are fantastic. They should be part of a children's book! Love your magical door.

  5. Well, you see, part of the magic of fairy doors is that they CAN move around. We decided, last night, to place our door out of reach of the cat, so the door sat way up high on a book shelf. Little Mr.B. was a bit mystified about how fairies could come through the bookshelf & then through the wee door... We had to explain to him that this is all part of fairy magic. Of course, this morning, it was clear that the tooth fairy had made it through the door and paid a visit!

  6. How fun! My crew would be absolutely delighted with a fairy door! With the last tooth lost, my twins made fairy homes under their pillows with scraps of fabric and forks so that the Tooth Fairy would stay for keeps.

  7. What a great door!! What great fun you are having!! I will remember this when Sweets time comes!

    Thank you again for the peg doll swap... Little J had been against the whole thing, did not want to give our fairies away, but when the cutest tomato girl arrived in the mail she asked if we could send more out!! Looks like more swaps are in our future!

  8. I love the spell, the door and especially the kitty's expression!

    The tooth fairy came to our house last night, too!

  9. Oh... how.... sweet. We have fairy doors, but didn't know about the tooth fairy using them. Obvious when I think about it. What self respecting fairy wants to get soot on her wings when she visits a house with no cat flap. Maybe next time a tooth falls out, we will pay more attention to the positioning of our fairy doors.

  10. OMG! i bought exactly the same door, except my sister picked it out having never seen your post!


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