8 months

Our wee Baby Bloom is 8 months old tomorrow. It's time to do some baby-proofing... He also gave me a very nice birthday present on Saturday -- he cut his first tooth!


  1. You have a little craftster on your hands! Such a cutie pie!
    What a wonderful gift! xox

  2. So cute! The one good thing about the Beast not being terribly mobile yet is that I don't have to worry about the legos so much. We've been explaining to the Imp that legos and babies don't mix. He gets it. But what toddler remembers these things all the time? Not mine, that's for sure. (:

  3. What a cutie!! Such a magical age when they are starting to explore their surroundings.

  4. At first I thought it was felt he was getting into then realised it was paper - a normal part of every baby's diet.
    Happy eighth month wee boy :)

  5. Yes, indeed... I feed him at least 3 sheets of paper a day. This must be why he's such a big, strapping boy!


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