Another Blue Bird

Last week I was browsing through a beautiful paper craft book called Creative Paper Cutting and stumbled across a project based on Maurice Maeterlinck's story The Bluebird. You might remember the story from this post here...

Post haste, I enlarged the project pattern from the book, dug through my stash for some heavy-weight scrapbook paper, unearthed an old, dull craft knife and got to work...

Given the pathetic state of my craft knife, I simplified the project (and have since purchased a new craft knife...)

To secure the hanging-strings, I used a hole-punch to cut out little circles of matching paper & then glued the strings in place, sandwiching the ends between the tiny circles of paper & the house silhouette.

Happy bluebirds to you...


  1. what a sweet, sweet project!

  2. ooo: good sandwiching idea!
    I've worried over just that problem.


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