In the Town All Year 'Round

Have you seen this book? If not, head to your local library. If they don't have a copy, suggest they buy a copy. If they won't purchase a copy for their collection, consider purchasing a copy for your own collection!

This book is too much fun... Every page has a scene of a small town populated by busy townsfolk going about their business. From page to page, you can follow the adventures of the various characters as their lives unfold through the seasons. The stories of the characters are wordless, but at the start of each of the 4 seasonal chapters there are riddles to solve and small secrets to uncover. "Why is Suzie going to have to buy a new hat?" "What are Ellen and Timmy bringing to the party?" "Who is Isabella talking to on the phone?" and "Where are Iris and Charlie going with those pumpkins?"

Excuse me please, and pardon me for not writing more... Little Mr. and I are now busy trying to figure out what Peter is going to do with the dragon lantern he has made...


  1. Do you know that feeling that sometimes you stumble upon a page and you just want to glance it for a few seconds in between other things you are reading? And by the time you realise you lose track of time and space and are so absorbed in reading and exploring the contents of the page and that turns into your main focal point? :) That's how your page turned out to be for me. I came across it by clicking one of the links from other blogs I follow and I ended reading with utmost interest your postings and your profile.
    Thank you very much for the book suggestion. I am a home stay dad of two lovely boys and library trips are part of their weekly routine. This book will certainly be on their list.
    I will be following your blog with keen interest, and thank you for making it such a wonderful and pleasant read.


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