Mornings around here are quiet. My mother went home about 2 weeks ago and Little Mr. is at summer camp for a few hours each day. Baby B. and I curl up in the rocking chair and I dust off favorite lullabies which I used to sing to Little Mr. when he was a baby.

The lullaby A La Peurta Del Cielo is unusual and rare and a particular favorite of mine. It was collected in Mexico by the Federal Music Project as part of President Roosevelt's New Deal. You can hear a clip of it here...

A La Puerta Del Cielo

A la puerta del cielo vendan zapatos,
Para los angelitos que andan descalzos.
Duermete nino,
Duermete nino,
Duermete nino, arru, arru.

At the gate of heaven little shoes they are selling,
For the little bare footed angels there dwelling,
Sleep now my baby,
Sleep now my baby,
Sleep now my baby, arru, arru.

Benditos los ninos duermiendo tan quietos.
Benditas las Madres que tanto los quieren
Duermete nino...

God will bless the children so peacefully sleeping.
God will bless the mothers whose love they are keeping.
Sleep now my baby...

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