Wandering Wednesday

Here I stand in the garden, my tender sprout and I. We say "hello" to the pretty penstemon flowers. We sniff bits of thyme & rosemary (destined for the soup pot tonight...)

I show him the tomato plants, the zucchini, the pumpkins and cucumbers. I point out the strawberries, the sprouting nasturtiums, the climbing bean vines and twining morning glory.

This summer he is in my arms. Next summer he will be taking his first steps on his own two feet. This summer, he is the newest sprout in the garden, newer than the sprouts of sweet basil and lemon balm. Next summer he will share of the fruit of this garden. He will share the first strawberries with his brother, taste his first green cucumber, his first ripe tomato...

Note: This Wandering Wednesday post is part of a weekly photo challenge put forth by Gardenmama. For more Wandering Wednesday posts you can visit Gardenmama here...


  1. happy belated bonday! so sorry i missed it!

  2. What a lovely introduction - I am already hooked :-)

  3. so lovely to see where you have been wandering : )
    congratulations on your sweet little one! that little foot joining in with mamas is just too cute! warmest wishes to you and your family xo

  4. Hi Jenny, Deborah, Wendy & Nicole --

    Thanks for stopping by to say hello!



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