a new year

Hello! It's January 22rd, and I am finally managing to write a new year's post.  Every day I tell myself I will have time to sit down and write this post, but... you know... life.  Then there's the quandary.  Given the (ahem) fantastic time we've had here in the US in 2017, can I, with deepest sincerity, announce "Happy New Year"?  My inner Eeyore says, "nope."  The evil pestilence which has settled on this country doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon.  Midterm elections are coming up, and that may help mediate the situation, but my inner Eeyore is still feeling skeptical.  

Meanwhile, as balm for our souls, I greet you with a photo of Turkish Delight.  This is not Turkish Delight courtesy of the White Witch of Narnia... no!  It's from Miette, and the next time you're in San Francisco, I highly recommend you go there and buy some Turkish Delight for yourself (and caramels and sour grapefruit jellies and sweet little berry flavored lozenges from Italy... because that's what we bought). 

What else have we been up to since last we spoke?  The Winter Fairies! Have I not told you about the Winter Fairies?  When my older son was 3, he started a yearly winter solstice tradition of decorating the house with paper snowflakes, writing a note to the fairies, and setting it on the table with a plate of cookies, flowers and a candle.  In return, the fairies brought foil wrapped chocolates in the shape of ladybugs and a small toy.  When he was 10, my older son stopped writing notes to the fairies, but happily, at that point my younger son was ready to take up the task of welcoming the fairies into our home.  In years past, the fairies brought gifts such as carved wooden toys, books (about fairies, of course), and music boxes, but this year they outdid themselves -- they brought a magic wand which chimes when you tap it.  If the fairies didn't bring you a wand this year, don't fret because you can buy them HERE at Bella Luna Toys.


What else? I made a new years resolution which might interest you.  A few years ago I gave up making resolutions which fall into the category of self-improvement and resolved to watch more TV.  Really. I hardly watch TV at all, but was curious about particular shows on PBS and HBO, and that turned out to be a great resolution.  This year I resolved to become acquainted with and start using Instagram -- so there you go.  I've spent the past few days figuring out how it works, and think I'm finally ready to invite you to follow me (if you're inclined).  You can search for me by name (Margaret Bloom) or by my blog name (webloomhere).

And finally, hyacinths.  They are lined up along my kitchen window sill and my house smells sweet.

How has 2018 been so far for you?  Are you well?  I hope so. Maybe I will see you around Instagram.  Until next time... xo


  1. The idea of winter fairies is so very charming! See you on Instagram, Margaret. :)

  2. Happy New Year to you and yours too. Catching up on things and finishing stuff is going to keep me busy. More home baking and planning meals rather than 'umm is anyone hungry? Any suggestions for dinner?" Hoping the answer is "no not really or even better; sit have a cup of tea and we'll cook, Mum". Sorry was it fantasy we were writing here or reality? Re TV don't et to see much of this either and it all seems to be 'reality tv" whatever that is. Anyway take care, feel good and do stuff that interests you. Love from a very hot and bothered Aus. family. PS the Guinea pigs say hi and send rain; and she will get the post from last year mailed sometime soon.

  3. Hello lovely, long-lost Clare!! I have the same fantasy as you -- that around dinner time, someone will say, "Have a seat. Here is the book you've been reading. We will let you know when dinner is ready."

    I actually HAVE been watching "reality-tv." As I may have mentioned, I mostly despise tv, and especially reality-tv, but... The Great British Baking Show!! I am absolutely hooked!

    Please say thank you to the guinea pigs for the rain. It's raining tonight, and in these recent years of drought, I am grateful for every drop which falls from the sky.

    Kisses to you and your family and the guinea pigs and guppies.

  4. beautiful idea! see you on Istangram! bye

  5. Glad to see you here again Margaret. Happy New Year to you and yours. I will look for you on Instagram.


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