tutorial :: acorn necklace

A few weeks ago at a school craft fair, I saw people walking past wearing the sweetest necklaces -- acorns with golden caps.  I was trailing after my little son during the fair and so wasn't able to visit the table where students were proudly selling their work, but I was determined to create a few of these baubles at home with my son.

-- Acorns and caps
-- Gold paint & a paint brush
-- An electric drill and vise
-- Small screw-eyes
-- PVS glue
-- Yarn or string

 STEP 1 :: Remove caps from acorns, apply gold paint and allow to dry.

STEP 2 :: Glue the painted caps back onto the acorns and allow to dry.

STEP 3 :: Secure your acorns in a vise (please, please, please be careful of your fingers and secure your project in a vise when drilling) and use a very small bit to drill a hole down through the cap and into the acorn.

Note: I use vise jaw liner pads similar to these to protect the items I am securing -- otherwise, a tight vise will damage fragile items.  I have been told that, if you don't own vise jaw liner pads, you can use a washcloth to protect your work when using a vise.

STEP 4 :: Screw the screw-eyes into the drilled holes, cut lengths of cord, ribbon or yarn, and knot to desired length.

Longer pieces of yarn or ribbon will be good for wearing as necklaces, but tied on shorter pieces of cord, these acorns would look pretty on a Christmas tree.  And if you are as fond as I am of shiny gilded objects from nature, you might enjoy clicking HERE to have a look at my tutorial for golden walnut garlands.


  1. Oh so very lovely,a great project to enjoy working on together with family and friends. I've always found acorns to be objects of great interest and I delight in finding ways to celebrate their charms. Thank you for sharing your story and lovely tutorial pictures.

    1. Yes! Acorns are magical, aren't they? Each one holds the potential for growing a great, tall tree...

      Thank you for your kind comment, and best wishes,

  2. I always enjoy your posts. I too love acorns for their unique shapes and lovely smell. I grew up believing caps without acorns we're left behind by dancing fairies...

  3. Dear Karen,
    Your comment reminds me of a funny conversation I had with my husband and son the other morning. My husband noticed that the little fairy garden by our front door was in disarray, and conjectured that the fairies had had a wild night. I looked outside, spotted an acorn cap on our doormat, and pointed out to my husband and little son that, during the fairy festivities, one of the fairies must have lost his hat.

    Thank you for the lovely comment, and wishing you a peaceful winter season,


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