something soft

Tomorrow my little one is having surgery to correct his herniated belly button.  I fussed at the pediatrician, "His belly button has been fine, just as it is, for nearly 6 years -- why should we fix it now!?" However both he and the consulting surgeon agreed that there was risk of a small section of intestine becoming trapped in the opening. 

For the hospital visit, I decided that my son should have something new & soft to snuggle, so I used this fabric (which I purchased for this project) to sew a "sleepy heart" inspired by drawings he's created.  I wanted to make the mouth smiling, but my son insisted on a round, snoring mouth; he even demonstrated, with his own face, exactly how the stuffed heart should look.

Actually, what I really wanted to do was surprise him on the morning of the surgery with these new soft toys, but I've had a horrible cold, so by the time my little son is in bed (and I am free to work in secret), I've also needed to go to bed.  In a way it was fortuitous because my son truly enjoyed helping with this project: arranging the pins in my pin cushion, lowering and lifting the foot on the sewing machine and stuffing the toys.

I will miss my little one's funny, bulgy belly button, but at least we have some new friends who will join us at the hospital and cheer us along.

P.S. The new kitty is named Charlie because it looks just like our real kitty (also named Charlie) who follows us around the house purring & demanding we nuzzle his ears.

P.P.S.  I would refer you to the book where I found the pattern for this kitty, but the pattern design was so horrible, that I cannot, in good conscience, recommend this book or pattern to anyone.  In fact, I'm thinking of donating the book to the local library bookshop, but then someone else might buy it, suffer though the terrible pattern & instructions, and, despite meticulous effort, end up with an oddly shaped stuffed toy.  I might have to shred the book.


  1. Bonjour !
    I hope your litte boy is well today and you, parents aren't so tired. His new "doudou" is very beautiful.
    I kiss you and a special hugh for your boy.
    Have a good day.
    Christine h

    1. Bonjour Christine -- Thank you for your lovely & kind words! I will give him your special hug, sent all the way from France, and send kisses back to you, too!

  2. The Spinalis are thinking of you Lev!

  3. In case you were second guessing this procedure, I just wanted to tell you that I had a herniated belly button after having a baby. I put off getting it fixed and I ended up in the emergency room. It was extremely painful and I wish I had done it sooner. (I enjoy following your blog posts. Inspiring!)

    1. I am grateful for your encouraging words! The surgery went well this morning, and I'm looking forward to seeing my boy's new belly button when the bandage is removed.

      So glad to know you've been enjoying my blog posts. Thank you for saying hello today!!


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