making peg dolls :: new paperback edition!

There is some exciting news in the world of peg dolls!  My first book, Making Peg Dolls, has been reprinted yet again, and this time Hawthorn Press has issued it in paperback.  The layout inside the new edition is the same as the hard cover, however the paperback version feels fresh & modern, and the cover has a new tag-line, "Over 60 fun, creative projects for children and adults." 

Inside, there is a fancy jacket-flap with photos and text...

And, of course, all the excitement over the new edition has inevitably led to a session of peg doll painting.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased a copy of one (or both) of my books; your support is deeply appreciated!  And now a request: if you haven't already done so, it would be amazing if you could possibly write a review on Amazon, A Child's Dream, Bella Luna Toys or any other online store which stocks my books.  Fair and honest reviews help immensely with book sales; this keeps publishers in business, which, in turn, enables authors to write more books (hint, hint)!  My gratitude always... xo


  1. Hi! I noticed another post from 2013 about a pattern for the nativity animals. Is that available yet? I made the camel without a template and it turned out ok. Just thought I'd ask before I start the donkey and sheep. Also, what material was used for the sheep? Thanks!

    1. Hi Holly -- I'm afraid the patterns are not available, but I hope at some point that they will be.

      For the sheep: I sewed them from cream colored wool felt and then, with tiny stitches, I tacked cream colored boucle yarn onto the bodies in a wavy pattern.

      I'm sure your Nativity set will be lovely!
      Best wishes,


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