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Today, I am pleased to share with you that Kelly, of the blog Happy Whimsical Hearts is featuring my second book, Making Peg Dolls and More.  Most of you are already familiar with my books and so might not feel the need to read Kelly's review; however, you may want to click over just to pay Kelly a visit.

photo credit :: happy whimsical hearts

There is much to enjoy on Kelly's blog, but my favorite posts are ones where Kelly discusses parenting (this post, for example). Kelly's approach is full of gentleness and sensitivity, and I can feel how her clear intention would bring a sense of peace to a home filled with the energetic young children.

Additionally, if you are as fond of wombats as I am, Kelly's tutorial for stitching up a little wombat is perfect.

photo credit :: happy whimsical hearts

Thank you, dear Kelly, for sharing peg-doll-love and inviting your sweet Ruby to present my book on your blog!

(a note for Australian readers: if you click over to Kelly's post at Happy Whimsical Hearts, you will find information about a discount on copies of my books at Honeybee Toys!)

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