For many schools in the U.S., children have a break during the third week of February which is designated President's week in honor of the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  This school break is also referred to as Ski-Week, which is a bit of a joke for families who have neither funds nor inclination.

So, we spent a day at the beach racing waves & collecting sea-glass; and it cost exactly one gallon of gasoline (plus the price of a hot coffee and 2 hot cocoas from a cafe to fortify us for the 25 minute drive home).

Rain is forecast for the rest of the week, so today was the day... and it was a perfect day.  I even saw two spouts from migrating grey whales -- the sort of thing you look out for, but the moment you glimpse it, it's so fleeting, that you are not quite sure you really saw it at all.  Akin to seeing a shooting star. And then there are the sea lions, swimming along 30 feet off-shore, gazing at us with curious intensity.  I swear there are selkies among them...


  1. Sounds like you all had a beautiful day! Our rare finds at the beach (Gulf coast rather than official ocean) were always sand dollars. I have great memories of mornings spent scouring the beach with my mother, hunting for the elusive disks. (:

    I've never heard of having the week off for presidents' birthdays. Does it replace spring break? Or is that in addition to?

    1. It doesn't replace spring break -- and I'm not sure why they extended the one day break for President's day to an entire week. Maybe to prevent families from taking children out of school for vacations by giving extra vacation time during the school year?

      I've been to Florida, and loved finding sand dollars on the beach! Such beautiful memories of your mother...

  2. Love seeing your beach trips. We never got into snow skiing. We tried it a few times. Renting equipment was costly and we couldn't afford to go enough times to really learn.


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