tiny turkey tutorial :: a re-post

A re-post from last year... the tiny turkeys are back!

-- Peg dolls or other wooden shapes such as small
    bowling pins, game pieces or finials (I used one
    of these, one of these, one of these & these)

-- Red, yellow, white & various shades of
    brown wool felt (note: if doing this craft with
    young children, colorful paper will be easier
    for them to cut)

-- Watercolor paints, or brown acrylic paint, plus
    black acrylic for the eyes.

-- PVA or other non-toxic white craft glue

-- Beeswax polish (optional). Tutorial can be
    found here.

-- Paint brushes

-- A pencil

-- Scissors & pinking shears

STEP 1: Paint your pegs, finials or other wooden shapes shades of brown.

STEP 2: Use black acrylic paint or pencil to add eyes.  Rub with beeswax polish to give watercolor paint an nice patina (optional).

STEP 3: Cut beaks and wattles from wool felt, and use white craft glue to attach to the face.


STEP 4: Cut curved pieces of brown felt, glue together in layers, trim in white, and attach to the backs of your turkeys with white craft glue.  I found that pinking shears give a nice edge around the tails, mimicking the scalloped white edge on tails of real turkeys.


DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed by turkeys in this blog post may not necessarily reflect the views of the author of this blog.  All views expressed by turkeys are entirely their own.

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