unforeseen circumstances

We interrupt our usual blog tour programming for this service announcement: due to unforeseen circumstances and a situation beyond our control (i.e. the flu), the blog tour post originally planned for today has been deferred.  We will resume our usual programming tomorrow with a visit to A Child's Dream (and there will be a discount coupon code!)

Meanwhile, above you will find a photo of some Kandinsky-inspired peg doll spinning tops from the new book.  They look so well behaved in this photo, but while we were photographing them, they were rather rambunctious -- rolling this way and that, refusing to stand still. Taking photos of spinning tops and hanging mobiles is surprisingly difficult (and frustrating); luckily Mr. Bloom was phlegmatic about it all, and in the end we had to laugh.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Oh No! Please feel better soon. We passed that around in my family and it was no fun. God Speed to back on your feet.


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