owl making workshop (and other stuff)

I'm back!  Sorry I've been not quite present, but I haven't forgotten about you.  Somewhat crazy here since the start of school, and then last week my older son received a coveted spot at a local charter school (big surprise as he'd been on the waiting list for over 4 years), so it feels like the start of school all over again...

But you'd probably rather hear about the owl making workshop... It will occur on October 25th at the Rudolf Steiner College Bookstore in Fair Oaks, CA.  After the owl making workshop (for ages 10 and up), there will also be an opportunity for anyone and everyone of all ages to enjoy peg doll crafting.  For more information you can have a look here.  (note: the design of the above owl is based on illustrations from the book Owl at Home by Arnold Lobel... love, love, love this book.)

Besides getting ready for the workshop, my darling husband and I are in post-production for two animated book trailers for the new book.  Post-production is a fancy way of saying that he and I sit in front of the computer fussing over stop-motion clips and still shots. I order him around, insisting, "That zoom was too slow!" or "That fade was too fast!"  and then I get up and make cups of tea while he fusses some more.  The end result, however, should be worth it; I hope you will think so, too.

And besides all that, I have been working on a knitting tutorial which I think is even cuter than the hedgehog patterns I posted last year. Cuter than the hedgehog patterns?  Is this possible?  Yes, I think so, because this new pattern involves knitting and peg dolls (!!)  What could be cuter than that?

On that note, I will leave you in anticipation and promise to be back as soon as possible!


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  1. I wonder if you just have your little guys sitting around to make people smile. I can't stand it. So adorable.
    Had a date with sweet niece (faux grandchild) and while those little pegs don't show your level of talent, they sure were fun and cute.
    Better yet, she thought they were the best. I don't know how to put a picture in comments, but it is the last entry on the blog.
    Thank you for entertaining me.


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