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A list, via Che and Fidel, Blue Bird Baby and Spun Monkey  

I am…
making : peg dolls.
cookingbutternut squash soup.
drinking : coffee (as usual.) 
reading : wonder by r.j. palacio, the night circus by erin morgenstern & the impossible lives of greta wells by andrew sean greer.
wanting : time to slow. there never seems to be enough and it flies by so quickly.
looking : for acorn caps.  my pockets are full, and still i look for more.
playing : picco duetto. over. and over. and over. and over.
wasting : as little as possible.
sowing : tete-a-tete jonquils for springtime blossoms (does one sow bulbs or plant bulbs? plant, I think, but suspect I am answering literally when this was intended metaphorically?) 
wishing : upon a star.
enjoying : my toddler spreading his small wings at a little preschool program 2 mornings each week. he is loving it.
waiting : to see my parents (they arrive this afternoon for a quick weekend visit.)
liking : early dusk. we have resumed lighting candles at supper.
wondering : if I will make the deadline for this new book.
loving : my family. 
hoping : the chemotherapy treatment my mother has been receiving is effective.
marveling at the acrobatic squirrels who eat acorns whilst hanging upside-down by their toes from the top branches of our oak trees.
needing : to limit the amount time I spend reading the newspaper and thinking about current events.  this world is so very complicated. nothing is black and white.
smelling : beeswax wood polish. 
wearing : a new pair of black clogs.
following : my instincts.
noticing : that my mopsy-topped boys could probably use haircuts.
bookmarking : wonder, the night circus & the impossible lives of greta wells by andrew sean greer (see 'reading' above)
giggling : because my children are playing off-tune ukeleles & singing puff the magic dragon. at the top of their lungs.
feeling : grateful.

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