Win a Copy of Making Peg Dolls!

photo courtesy of Aleta: Hinterland Mama

Lovely Aleta, of the blog Hinterland Mama, is hosting a give-away.  What is she giving away?  A copy of my book!  A kit with some peg dolls, felt flowers & butterfly wings! You can find all the details here -- Why not pay her a visit?!

photo courtesy of Aleta: Hinterland Mama

Thank you, Aleta, for generously hosting this give-away and for saying such nice things (I am blushing a bit...)


  1. People love your book...no need to blush or shuffle. Throw your head back and proudly roar! :)

    We've been painting Luchador peggies here, and Jude built himself a wrestling ring with pencils, twine, and a cardboard box. Just when I think we've run out of ideas...

  2. Oh, Stephanie, you are so kind!

    And Luchador peg dolls? Hilarious! I must admit, I had to Google "Luchador" but now I want to see photos, please!


  3. It's very easy to say nice things about you and your work, Margaret!
    Thank you so much for your support in this giveaway xx


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