School's Out

Schools out!

So, today we went here...


And did this...


We saw lots of crabs, 2 tiny eels, small tide-pool dwelling fish, sea stars, limpets, mussels & barnacles, sea snails, sea anemones, hermit crabs, a bright purple sea urchin, and just past the tide pools where we stood, there was a harem of sea lions playing in the water, waving their rear flippers and sunning themselves on the rocks (yes, I looked it up -- the word for a grouping of sea lions is "harem"...)

"Mama, look here... what's that?"

And then his brother caught another crab...

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  1. That looks like wonderfully fun way to spend a day! I grew up on smooth, white sandy beaches, so tide pools are something I've never had a chance to explore with my kids.


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