Hello Wombat

The morning I was set to work on the vegetable-themed dolls for my book Making Peg Dolls I mentioned to my friend Caroline that this was the plan.  I told her I was going to design carrots, tomatoes, radishes, peas-in-a-pod and a cabbage.  Her response was, "How about corn?"  Corn?!  Did I not already have enough to do?  Corn.  The idea of a corn-on-the-cob peg doll stuck in my head, and so of course I had to make one (thank you Caroline!)

A similar thing happened the other night.  I was chatting via email with my friend Clare in Australia and she mentioned she'd been sketching Australian animal peg dolls.  Australian animal peg dolls?!  Am I not already working on a pile of other projects?  Australian animal peg dolls.  The idea stuck in my head, and so as soon as I had a free moment I grabbed some dolls, paint and felt...

 Hello wombat.

Hello koala.


Hello lorikeet.

Hello everyone!


  1. Adorable :-) You have peg dolls on my brain too!! It is a good thing to think about though :-) And I've even been making wombats too {but not of the peg doll variety}

  2. Who doesn't love wombats?? So adorable! I am really looking forward to the veggies, too!!
    have a great week

  3. Now weren't you the one who said you were giving peg dolls a rest!
    The Rainbow Lorikett reminds me of my friend's apartment in Sydney, which is level with trees were lots of those colourful birds hang out.

    1. Oh, ha ha! Yes, I did say I was going to give peg dolls a rest -- at least as far as my blog was concerned (behind the scenes the peg doll elves are still hard at work on top-secret assignments...)


  4. Haha...I've been thinking up Canadian animal peg dolls...raccoons, skunks, beavers, bears...you've got us all sick with pegdollitis!

  5. Hello, darling down unders! You are such a clever bird, Bloom! Happy creating!

  6. ack! The cuteness!! I know of a certain little koala girl who would go crazy over something like that. Hmmmm....

  7. Oh they are just adorable!

  8. Such cuties! A few more books in the making?

  9. ohh Aussie animals - I NEED to make some of those for my kiddos!

  10. Oh, typical Bloom charm. I have no bloom just now. Snow and a cold. Smiled at your stuff, tho. YAY!


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