Making Peg Dolls: The Introduction

In early discussions with Hawthorn Press, it was mentioned that someone special would be asked to write an introduction to my book.  In this amazing world of reading and writing, there are so many wonderful authors; my mind spun with the possibilities and I was eager to find out who would write the introduction.  Imagine my delight when, in early July, I learned that Susan Perrow had agreed to introduce my book.

Over a year ago, I bought a copy of Susan's book Healing Stories for Challenging Behavior and liked it very much. Her book discusses how to guide children through difficult situations using stories, and at the time I purchased the book, I was working through some "challenging behaviors" with my older son. I appreciated the gentle approaches & interventions this book offered; not only is the book full of "ready-made" stories which can be brought out to address particular behaviors and situations -- the book also offers guidance in creating original stories for individual children according to their needs.  While the idea of making up such stories might seem daunting, Susan's tone is encouraging & supportive.  In the opening section of her book she wrote, "If this book... inspires you to create healing stories for children, don't get stuck on expecting perfection.  Your stories may have cracks, but -- to quote Leonard Cohen, 'that's how the light gets in'.  What is important is that you give it a go!  The light that gets in through the cracks may be your best teacher."

Ring the bells that still can ring; forget your perfect offering.
There is a crack, a crack in everything -- that's how the light gets in.
-- Leonard Cohen

This is all a very "work-a-day" explanation of why I appreciate Susan's work, however, what I love best about her writing is the way she brings into it the "mystery and magic of metaphor." Truly, when  Susan speaks of "the healing light of stories," she captures the soul of the work.  I love the following quote which she shares in her first book:

It is easy to forget how mysterious and mighty stories are.  They do their work in silence, invisibly.  They work with all the internal materials of the mind and self.  They become part of you while changing you.
-- Ben Okri
And now Susan Perrow has a new book, Therapeutic Storytelling: 101 Healing Stories for Children, which is just as wonderful as her first.  To find out about upcoming Therapeutic Storytelling Workshops, you can have a look here.

Thank you, Susan, for writing a most charming introduction to my book!


  1. Congratulations on your book! How wonderful to have Susan introduce it.

    Take care


  2. I LOVE that Leonard Cohen lyric. I think of it whenever I have an experience that leaves me wondering why bad things happen. Congratulations on your book. Your blog is what first inspired me to create my own peg dolls. Until I saw your peg dolls, I never knew they could be made to look so beautiful and so distinctly different...100s of ideas and styles from a simple wooden peg.I know iykur book will be amazing

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Marie -- Have been intending to send you and email to say hello!

  4. Yay! Both of you are special people, and special writers! Yay for you both.

    1. Thank you Amber -- I've been noticing updates about your upcoming book and am looking forward to seeing/hearing more!

  5. Congrats on your book and on Susan's intro! She's such a lovely person!

  6. Peggy, what an honour and a perfect addition to your beautiful book. Now I'm even itchier to get my hands on a copy!

  7. Great words from Leonard Cohen and Susan Perrow both. It's going to be so much fun to see this beautiful book. I just can't get over the giddy news! Happy happy happy happy happy!

  8. Mazel Tov, my friend! I am so very proud of you and so happy at this latest piece of news. I cannot wait to see the book! Perhaps I'll be able to teach my nieces how to make Peg Dolls... HUGS!


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