Ladybug, ladybug, 
Landed on my thumb,
Crawled onto my wrist 
And crawled up to my elbow.
Ladybug, ladybug,
Crawled up my arm,
And then she flew away...
 When my older son was a toddler we regularly attended a library story-time, the highlight of which was the moment the librarian brought out a large bucket full of tiny ladybug finger-puppets.  The roomful of toddlers made a mad-dash for those ladybug finger-puppets and then everyone would sing the little song I inscribed above.  Remembering this, I stitched up a ladybug puppet for my current toddler-in-residence to go with the little song...

by Shannon of Rhythm & Rhyme
I based the design of my first ladybug finger-puppet on this tutorial by Shannon of the blog Rhythm & Rhyme.  Her pattern yields a plump, round ladybug, perfect for little toddler hands.  Note: To make this into a finger-puppet, I added a second layer of felt to the base and left the end of the second layer unsewn to create space for a finger.
Of course, this first ladybug finger-puppet never stayed on my finger for very long, what with my wee Bloom craving to hold the ladybug puppet himself, so I quickly whipped up another finger-puppet.  This second puppet is flat -- not quite so round, plump and squeezable, but just as tickly as she makes her way from thumb, to wrist, to elbow to shoulder!

In case you'd like to make a ladybug of your own and sing along, here is a video of the song...

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  1. My little one loves this song, can't wait to make her a ladybug of her own. Thanks! I hope you're all well.

  2. Your ladybugs are utterly darling, Bloom. I always feel inspired when I visit.

  3. I can't get over how adorable these are! Looking forward to that butterfly tutorial...


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