There's nothing like watching a toddler do what toddlers do best.  Oh, so busy... busy, busy, busy...


  1. very cute. I do love watching Toddlers pottering around exploring the world!

  2. Heavens it is like seeing Huon at the same age again. Just after Huon started walking (about 14months) we were in Ikea and he saw the identical trolley and struggled and struggled to get down, as they do. Grabbed hold of the trolley and was off (with us in hot pursuit). Of course we bought him one and Thea is still using it as a dolly pram/shopping trolley what ever her game is at the moment. I still see the look on his face of 'at last someone who speaks my language and made this just for me'.
    Enjoy, and oh yes they do last seven plus six years. I can't bear to give it away. They do collapse don't they? The trolley not the children.
    Thankyou for reminding us of the memories. Clare and Ross xx


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