Summer's Last Hurrah

This morning, from our windows, we could see the fog peeking over the coastal hills. Despite the fog, we decided to head out to the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve for a bit of tide-pool exploration.  After all, tomorrow is the first day of school...

My friend Caroline suggested it would be nice for the children (and the mamas) to have a "last hurrah" of summer vacation.  I agreed heartily and so, off we went...

After an hour (or two), a bit of sunshine broke through the fog...

 And a lovely time was had by all...

P.S.  Thank you, Caroline, for taking this photo of me, little Mr. & my wee Bloom -- it was time for an update!

P.P.S.  Hey everyone, guess who officially started walking yesterday?!


  1. Beautiful picture...happy back to school little Bloom.

  2. Those are SUPER photos - what memories! Today is our last day of summer and my 10 year old and I have a date at 4:45 for a game of Wizard Chess. Looks a bit different here on the prairie - 180 degrees of blue sky!

  3. Love the new header - what a sweet picture. :)

  4. Aw, congrats to the little one! Looks like a fun time. Ah, to retreat to the sea! It looks lovely!

  5. Walking! On the beach, no less...perfect! And look at the luscious fog! Yeah!!! We are still having a freak heat wave (well, it feels like it to me anyway) - it's been sunny for something crazy like a week straight. I'm going mad up here (and the endless waiting for job news doesn't help)!

  6. Oh, that picture on your header is one to treasure forever...first steps, mama so tall with her little boys who will likely one day tower over her...so precious!


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