Second Hand Saturday: Baby Sweaters

I love hand-me-downs, especially when they're hand made, and so I was very touched when my friend Caroline loaned me this baby surprise jacket.

She made it 8 years ago for her older son A. He wore it, her younger son L. wore it, and now my wee Bloom gets to wear it...

And this red sweater was made by my aunt Helene. She fashioned it after a pair of matching sweaters she knit for me & my brother many years ago when we were small...

My older son wore it and now my wee Bloom has his turn. Thank you Caroline and Aunt Helene for these cozy treasures...


  1. Oh! There's nothing sweeter than a tiny homemade sweater. You made me smile.

  2. What lovely treasures! We have a sweater like that in our family, it was knit for my husband by his great-grandmother. All of children have worn it. A family heirloom for sure knit by their great-great grandmother!

  3. What darling sweaters! I love the colors. Your wee bloom looks like one of your little elves!

  4. Okay. That did it. I have 3 handmades that don't fit my boy anymore. I know a boy they'd fit, whose mama would cherish them. I've been hesitating to pass them on (so much work, so many memories of my boy at a younger age!)...but I'll pass them on. Like musical instruments, handmade woolens should be used, not tucked away in a box! Thanks for the push!

  5. Handmades are so difficult to pass to the next person... I know I will save the red sweater in the above photos... Perhaps in a few years I'll be brave enough to hand off the pale sage green sweater and a few others which were made for my older son... But anyhow, you're welcome for the push!


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