Don't Look a Gift Pincushion (?) in the Mouth

A parcel arrived at my house. It was so well wrapped, I could not figure out how to open it. I attacked it with a large pair of scissors.

Inside, I found a lot of packing material and a pretty postcard with a drawing of a puppet show. What was wrapped inside the red paper?

A perfect pincushion! The fattest, reddest, ripest tomato I have ever seen (complete with it's own little green worm!) I hope the tomatoes I harvest from my garden this year will be as red & ripe. I could, however, do without the little green worms in my salad.

A pincushion so perfect, I could dance upon it... Thank you, Shannon, for the wonderful surprise!


  1. I have had the most amazing idea! you just wait :) Sx

  2. Shannon -- You really do enjoy torturing me, don't you? I believe I shall go mad with anticipation...



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