The Surprise has been Blown: Peg-doll Swap Starts February 20!

Yesterday, due to a glitch with Google/Blogger, a post I had been working on appeared on the side-bar "blog-list" of several friends. This post was a draft and not meant to go up on my blog until February 20... However, now that a number of people have seen (and inquired) about this little "teaser," I am pleased to make a preliminary announcement!

On February 20 I will be posting an invitation to join a peg-doll swap. This will be followed by tutorials and a list of fun links on February 21st and 22nd. Shannon of Rhythm & Rhyme and I have been working on this for a couple of weeks -- it's going to be a veritable peg-doll-palooza!
If you would like to get ready for this swap you can stock up on some supplies now... Each participant will need 5 peg-doll bases. Any shape wooden doll base 3 ½ inches (9 cm) or smaller may be used. You can see the simple wooden doll-bases I've used in my photos... You might also use gnome doll bases or small wooden finger puppet bases, however, we will not be using the tall "clothes-pin" type wooden bases.

I hope you will come back February 20 for the official invitation to this swap and join me as we explore our imaginations together...

P.S. Shhhhh... this tiny sprite is trying to hide among the toadstools... She thinks we cannot see her... Shall we play along in her game of hide-and-seek?


  1. Great! but I'm one year late, are you by any chance doing an other one of this peg-doll swap?


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