The Chickadees are Nesting! The Chickadees are Nesting!

Oh, how I love my garden this time of year... First there are the little, yellow jonquils, then the birds start nesting and there is a second wave of blooming bulbs. Some of my favorite bulbs are the ones with wide, white petals and flat, round, orange centers (daffodil tazetta geranium.) To me, they look like fried eggs and so I always think of them as "fried egg" flowers. Finally, to cap off the joys of spring, the bearded irises bloom around our finial (you can see their hardy leaves in the photo above...)

But, back to those nesting birds... a few days ago, from my bedroom window, I spotted a chickadee pulling fiber from a wool ball I had hung in a tree near our feeders. I dashed across the hall to my son's room where, out the window, we have a view of one of our bird houses hanging from a large oak tree. I arrived at the window just in time to see the chickadee, a beak full of fuzz, flit into the bird house opening. I went calling for Sweet Child and Sweet Husband, and we all sat on the bed watching the industrious little bird zip back and forth, building a nest. I'm so happy to know there will be a little bird family growing inside that nesting box...

Above is another of our bird houses -- last year a family of titmice nested here. I hope they're planning to return...

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