a little batty tutorial :: re-post


In case you missed it, here is some batty fun from last year...

Peg dolls (any size, your choice)

Black paint or a black "Sharpy" marker (I usually use watercolors, but this time I used acrylics)

Red paint (for the mouths)

Colored pencils (optional, if you want to draw instead of painting the face)

Black felt (or black paper)

PVA or other white craft glue

Fabric scissors

Thin wire (optional)

 STEP 1: Paint your peg dolls, leaving room to add faces.

 STEP 2: Add faces using paint or colored pencils.

STEP 3: Cut ears and wings from black felt

Note: If you are making these with young children, using black paper instead of felt might be easier for them to cut.  The result won't be quite as durable, but the children will enjoy them just as much. (Thank you, Lenka, for the excellent idea!)

STEP 4: (optional) If you would like your bats to be able to hang upside down, cut approx. 4 inches (10 cm) thin wire (I used floral wire, colored black with a Sharpie).  Fold the wire in a "U" shape and glue the bend of the "U" beneath the wings as depicted above.

STEP 5: Glue the wings to the backs & the ears to the backs of the heads of your dolls.


 Q: What did one bat say to another?
A: Let's hang around together!


  1. These are the darlingest batties on the planet!

    1. Said by the mama with the darlingest wildebeasts on the planet!! Sending lots of love to you and yours --

  2. Sweet little bats! I like the teeniest one most of all! Thank you for sharing the tutorial. :-)

  3. Such cute little bats. We have everything we need to make these and we have a white tree on our seasonal table (a branch painted white in a can painted white set in plaster) that will be perfect for them to hang from. Thanks so much!


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